Can I bring food and drink into Metricon Stadium for events?

Food and drinks are permitted into Metricon Stadium as long at they adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not contain alcohol
  • Drink containers cannot be greater than 600ml in capacity and must be plastic (no glass or cans permitted)
  • All beverages must be sealed at the time they are brought into the stadium
  • No crockery or glass items are permitted
  • Food or drink must not be contained in a bag that is not pliable or soft to touch (eg. A hard esky) – soft bags such as handbags, medical bags and baby care bags are permitted.
  • Food must not be in commercial quantities.

What company is contracted for Metricon Stadium’s catering requirements?

O’Brien Group Australia is the stadium’s sole catering contractor and manages catering in the corporate and retail areas of the stadium on event and non-event day.

Does Metricon Stadium have any sit down dining facilities within the stadium that are available for public use?

Metricon Stadium has a wide range of food options including pizza, fish and chips, sushi, sandwiches, kebabs, curries and much more. However, all food options are take away style with no formal sit down options available.

There are a number of grassed areas and some tables and chairs around that stadium that patrons can use to sit down and enjoy their food prior to the game if they wish.

If still seeking a sit down style dinner it is recommend that patrons dine at a restaurant in the Broadbeach area, then catch the free shuttle bus to the stadium from Broadbeach South G:link station (selected events).


Do you offer tours of Metricon Stadium?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer tours of Metricon Stadium. This is something that we will review our position on in the future, however at this stage nothing is offered.

What time is the GC SUNS Shop Open?

The GC SUNS Shop is open to the public from 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday (enter through Gate 4) and during the gates open period on game day. Please note that people wishing to visit the GC SUNS Shop on game day must posses a valid event ticket or GC SUNS Membership to gain entry to the stadium.

How do I go about applying for game day employment?

Any vacancies that exist will be advertised on the Metricon Stadium website, under the employment section. However, a resume and cover letter detailing the type of work you are looking for can be sent to the and then it will be forwarded on to the HR department. HR will then make contact should a suitable position become available.

Does Metricon Stadium have TAB facilities?

Tatts Bett activate a TAB facility for Gold Coast SUNS home games. This facility is located just inside Gate 3.

In wet weather can umbrellas be brought into the stadium?

Umbrella’s are permitted in the stadium, but must not be opened inside the seating bowl. In wet weather it is recommended that patrons use rain coats and ponchos to protect them from the weather.

What time do the gates open before an AFL game?

Generally the stadium’s gates open approximately two hours prior to the game (ie. 5.30pm for a 7.20pm game). However, if there is a curtain raiser game prior to the main game, Gate 3 will open earlier. This may vary from event to event. Please see your chosen event’s page on the Metricon Stadium website for specific event timings.

I am interested in purchasing a corporate package for a GC SUNS home game in 2015, can I do this through you?

All corporate packages for the Gold Coast SUNS are sold directly by them. We can either pass on the clients details and have one of the Corporate Sales team contact them, or they can contact the Gold Coast SUNS directly on the below details:

Ph: (07) 5510 6000 and select the Corporate Sales/Reception option

Note: Different processes apply when purchasing corporate tickets for other events (i.e. concerts). Contact Metricon Stadium directly for non-Gold Coast SUNS events.

I am looking at holding a function at Metricon Stadium, do you offer this service?

Yes, the Metricon Stadium function rooms are available for hire on non-event days. Please contact the Metricon Stadium Functions contact at O’Brien Group Catering on 07 5644 6215.

Parking / Transport

Is there parking available at Metricon Stadium on event day?

Unfortunately there is no public parking available at Metricon Stadium, with the exception of disabled parking available for people who hold a valid disability parking permit.

Public Transport is the best way to access Metricon Stadium. For details on the public transport options available visit your chosen event page on the Metricon Stadium website as offerings and timings vary from event to event it is important to check your specific event.

Please note that different transport options are available for different events (ie. A football event has different options compared to a concert).

I have a disabled parking permit. Does this get me access to car parking at Metricon Stadium?

A limited number of PWD parking spaces are available in the Yellow Car Park at Metricon Stadium for holders of a valid, government issued disability parking permit. These car parks will be issued to customers on a first in, first served basis on event day.

For more information about PWD Parking, please contact Metricon Stadium Management on (07) 5644 6200 or between 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Is there parking available at Metricon Stadium on non event day? (For club training the day before an event).

Yes. There is public parking available at Metricon Stadium on non event days. Public are advised to park in the Yellow Car Park (in front of the indoor sports centre) and enter using the intercom at the Gate 4 Service Entry. However, if there is a minor event (club training or GC SUNS Shop event) patrons will be required to enter through Gate 3. Staff will be available on the day to direct customers.

I have a bus full of people attending the event, where can I park my vehicle during the event?

There is a limited number of bus parking available in the Blue Car Park across the road from Metricon Stadium (accessed via Alabaster Drive). Bus parking in this location is charged at $25.00 per vehicle per event and must be booked in advance through Metricon Stadium Management.

Please note that access to Alabaster Drive from Nerang-Broadbeach Road is closed from half time during a game, this time varies for non-AFL events.

I live close to the stadium (but not close enough to walk), driving to a shuttle bus location is too far away. Is there an alternative for parking for patrons in this situation?

Whilst Metricon Stadium does not have the capacity to offer public parking to patrons, there are a few businesses close to the stadium that offer paid parking. These business are run separately to Metricon Stadium and usually include:

  • Emmanuel College, Birmingham Rd
  • Carrara Gardens Golf Course, Nerang-Broadbeach Road (Southern side of road, opposite helicopter)
  • Dream Centre Christian Church, Cnr Chisholm Rd and Nerang-Broadbeach Rd
  • Croatian Sports Centre, Nerang-Broadbeach Road (west of Chisholm Road intersection)

Are there shuttles buses that run from Robina Town Centre, or Robina Station?

No, there are no shuttles that run from this location. However, customers can catch the train for free from Robina Station to Nerang Station, where they can then catch a fee shuttle bus to Metricon Stadium (free transport and shuttle services are not applicable for all events).

Does my Gold Coast SUNS Membership give me access to free public transport for Gold Coast SUNS events?

Yes, to access the free transport for Gold Coast SUNS events, you are required to present your valid event ticket (ticket for that specific event) or your Gold Coast SUNS membership (selected Gold Coast SUNS events only).

I am coming from Brisbane (or north of the Gold Coast) for an event. Can you please advise the best way to get to the stadium?

For patrons travelling from Brisbane or north of the Gold Coast it is recommended that they park at Helensvale Train Station (exit 62 off the M1, just south of Movieworld), catch the train for free from Helensvale to Nerang (1 stop), then catch the free shuttle from Nerang Station to Metricon Stadium. All travel is free of charge upon presentation of your valid event ticket or Gold Coast SUNS membership (Gold Coast SUNS events only). Customers can also park at other train stations such as Beenleigh, Coomera, Ormeau etc.


Who is the ticketing agent for events held at your stadium?

All tickets for events held at Metricon Stadium are for sale through Ticketek, either online (, or in person at any Ticketek agency (

Please note that tickets cannot be purchased directly through the Stadium (with the exception of event day at the Ticket Sales outlets at Gate 1 and Gate 3). Metricon Stadium strongly recommends that customers pre-purchase their tickets through Ticketek to avoid lengthy queues at the ticket sales outlets on match days.

Does Metricon Stadium have unlicensed areas or dry zones areas in the seating bowl?

Metricon Stadium has five areas that are dedicated dry zones for AFL events. These are the areas between the following aisles:

  • Aisle 113-114
  • Aisle 120-121
  • Aisle 129-130
  • Aisle 147-148
  • Aisle 148-149

Seat in Dry Zones is subject to availability and Dry Zones locations may vary for other events.

Does Metricon Stadium have a General Admission ticket for their events?

Ticketing varies between events, however generally there are some areas of the stadium that are allocated as general admission. These tickets allow access to any available seat in the dedicated General Admission sections of the stadium on a first in first served basis. General Admission tickets also permit access to the stadium’s standing areas.

How far from the front/back is my seat?

The lower tier of the stadium is rowed from A-K (skipping ‘I’ as it can be confused with ‘1’), with A being the front row and K being the back row.

The upper tier of that stadium is rowed from A-DD (A-Z skipping ‘I’ and ‘O’ as they can be confused with ‘1’ and ‘0’, then AA, BB, CC, DD), with A being the front row and DD being the back row.

The below table indicates how many rows from the front and back each row is:

No. of Rows from Back Lower Tier Row No. of Rows from Front Upper Tier Row No. of Rows from Back
10 A 1 A 28
9 B 2 B 27
8 C 3 C 26
7 D 4 D 25
6 E 5 E 24
5 F 6 F 23
4 G 7 G 22
3 H 8 H 21
2 J 9 J 20
1 K 10 K 19
11 L 18
12 M 17
13 N 16
14 P 15
15 Q 14
16 R 13
17 S 12
18 T 11
19 U 10
20 V 9
21 W 8
22 X 7
23 Y 6
24 Z 5
25 AA 4
26 BB 3
27 CC 2
28 DD 1