A limited number of Persons With a Disability (PWD) car parks are available in the Red Car Park at Metricon Stadium for holders of a valid, government issued disability parking permit (ADPP and Blue Permits only). These car parks will be issued to customers on a first in, first served basis on event day.

Once the allocation in the Red Car Park has been exhausted, staff will make allowances where possible to allow eligible customers to park in the Blue Car Park (access via Nerang-Broadbeach Rd).

However, if the allocation in the Blue Car Park has also been exhausted customers will be required to seek alternative arrangements. Suggestions include, but are not limited to:

Utilising the new PWD drop off in the Red Car Park (details below)

Utilising one of the private parking operators near to the stadium;

Utilising any of the free event day transport services provided by Metricon Stadium (These include shuttle buses from Broadbeach South Station, Nerang Station and the Boowaggan Road Park ‘n’ Ride (noting that a high percentage of the Surfside bus fleet are low floored accessible buses); or

Utilising a taxi service for a full or part journey.

PWD Drop Off

A dedicated drop off location for PWD customers is available for Gold Coast SUNS events. This drop off is located in the Red Car Park and is available for use by the following customers only:

Customers in possession of a valid government issued disability parking permit;

Elderly customers with limited mobility that have not been issued a disability parking permit;

Customers with a temporary medical condition that affects their mobility, for example a broken leg.

In order to ensure this drop off facility works effectively in conjunction with the current traffic management plan the following conditions will apply:

For use by private, standard sized vehicles only (no limousines, taxis, buses of any form, transfer or hire vehicles. Standard sized vehicles hired through rental car companies are permitted);

Maximum standing time for drop off and pick up is restricted to 2 minutes;

No parking in any of the stadium’s car parks is permitted without the appropriate stadium issued parking permit. Offending vehicles can and will be towed at the owner’s expense;

Access to pick up customers is permitted up to 10 minutes prior to and from 30 minutes after the final siren.

Stadium Access

Entry to Metricon Stadium through all public entry gates (Gate 1, 3 & 5) is accessible by customers in a wheelchair or with other mobility aids. Metricon Stadium’s plaza areas are bitumen allowing for ease of movement around the stadium.

There is a series of stairs and ramps joining the bitumen plaza to the Level 1 concourse around the site. These ramps allow ease of access for customers in wheelchairs, with limited mobility or who require the use of a mobility aid.

Customers with limited mobility that have difficulty accessing their seat are welcome to borrow a wheelchair from the stadium’s first aid room to assist them to get to their seat. These wheelchairs can be requested from any Stadium Staff at the gates or in the seating bowl. Wheelchairs can only be used to transport customers to and from their seats and cannot be borrowed for the duration of the event. Wheelchair use is subject to availability as their primary purpose is for the use by the stadium’s first aid provider.

Wheelchair & Accessible Seating

All wheelchair seating in the public seating areas of the stadium are located at the back of the Level 1 seating bowl. Wheelchair seating has one carer’s seat located directly beside each wheelchair bay. Additional tickets can be purchased (subject to availability) in the seating in front of the wheelchair seating or in surrounding aisles.

For customers requiring accessible seating, with limited or no ability to use stairs, Metricon Stadium recommends seating on Level 1 (any aisle number starting with a ‘1’ eg. 107). Please note Level 2 seating is only accessible by stairs and is therefore not recommend to customers who are not comfortable or able to walk up or down a number of stairs. There are no lifts in the public areas of Metricon Stadium.


Metricon Stadium has 5 corporate toilets (1 dedicated to each corporate area) and 12 public toilets for use by persons with a disability. Please refer to the Metricon Stadium Precinct Map for locations of these facilities.

Storage of Wheelchairs, Walking Frames or other mobility devices

Metricon Stadium offers two public cloaking facilities at Gate 1 and Gate 3 turnstiles. Standard sized wheelchairs, walking frames and other mobility devices can be stored free of charge at these facilities if not required during the event.

All items left at these cloak rooms are accepted by Metricon Stadium upon the following conditions:

1. All care will be taken with your property; however, Metricon Stadium is not responsible for any loss or damage to property left at the cloak room, regardless of the cause of loss or damage. Items are left at your own risk.
2. This card constitutes proof of ownership or authority to receive the item/s cloaked. Metricon Stadium will return items to any person who presents this card. If the card is lost please notify the cloak room immediately, photo identification in the name the item was cloaked under, will then be required to collect the item/s.
3. Uncollected items left at the cloak room will be treated as lost property and as such will be donated to charity if they are not collected within two months of the date cloaked.
4. No employee or agent of Metricon Stadium has authority to waive any of these conditions.
5. These conditions shall not exclude, restrict or modify any rights or remedies which any person may have against Metricon Stadium by virtue of the provisions of the Trade Practices Act (Commonwealth) 1974.
6. Patrons who leave property at the cloak room, are deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these conditions.

Click here to download the Metricon Stadium accessibility map.