1. General Restrictions on Entry

Gold Coast Football Club (GCFC) management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person who does not comply with the conditions of entry.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry and eject persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol, who are disorderly, or engage in inappropriate behaviour, vandalism or evade admission.

Management reserves the right to inspect any bags, clothing or other items and conduct body searches at all entry points or within the stadium at any time.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry to patrons carrying a prohibited item.

Persons under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times whilst in the stadium.

2. Tickets

By entering the stadium patrons agree to:

  • Retain their ticket at all times
  • Follow any lawful instruction from staff

Any ticket that is damaged, defaced or has been purchased from an unauthorised agent will not permit the holder to be admitted to the stadium.

Patrons must occupy the seats specified on their ticket.

Patrons who have purchased a concession ticket for an event must be able to provide valid proof of concession (i.e. proof of age identification or concession card) upon entry into the stadium or when requested.

The event may be postponed, delayed or cancelled in the event of dangerous situations, adverse weather or any other cause beyond the control of GCFC management. All claims for refunds are to be in accordance with the event promoter terms and conditions.

The hirer may add, withdraw or substitute competitors, teams or artists and/or vary advertised material, programs, prices, seating arrangements, audience capacity and stadium or program times without liability to the hirer or to the owner.

3. Prohibited Items

It is a condition of entry that patrons consent to having their bags, clothing or other items checked on entry for prohibited items prior to entry. Screening may include a body search.

A patron may also be searched within the stadium where it is suspected that the patron is in the possession of a prohibited item.

Any patron who fails to comply with the screening will be refused entry/ejected from the stadium.

Any person found to be in possession of a prohibited item which is illegal will be reported to Police.

The following items are not permitted to be taken into the stadium:

  • Illegal substances including controlled or illicit drugs
  • Incendiary devices (explosives, flares, fireworks and smoke bombs).
  • Firearms.
  • Chemical, radioactive or biological substances.
  • Laser lights.
  • Alcohol.
  • Animals (other than Assistance Dogs).
  • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards and rollerblades / skates.
  • Professional cameras, audio recording devices or video cameras that can use captured information for commercial purposes without the prior approval of GCFC management.
  • Camera Tripods.
  • Camera lenses with focal strength of greater than 200mm.
  • Chairs and Stools.
  • Drink containers larger than 600ml in capacity.
  • Glass bottles and cans.
  • Any beverage with a broken seal.
  • Crockery and glass items.
  • Large flags / banners with handles or poles exceeding 100cm in length and/or 2cm in diameter.
  • Unauthorised advertising material or flyers.
  • Flags, signs or clothing displaying political, offensive, religious, or commercial messages or logos without prior approval of GCFC management.
  • Any bag that is not pliable or soft to touch (e.g. hard esky). Men’s and women’s handbags, medical bags and baby care bags are permitted.
  • Any large item that cannot be placed under a seat (no larger than 40cm x 40cm x 40cm).
  • Loud hailers, megaphones and musical instruments of any nature (including horns, whistles and drums).
  • Beach balls and other inflatable products.
  • Any item that in the opinion of GCFC management could cause harm or public nuisance.

With the exception of illegal items, alcohol and food and beverages items other prohibited items may be cloaked prior to entry.

4. Cloaking

Limited cloaking facilities are available at Gate 1 and Gate 3.

All care will be taken with cloaked items however GCFC is not responsible for any loss or damage to property cloaked, regardless of the cause of loss or damage.

Persons who cloak items are presented with a cloak card. This card constitutes proof of ownership or authority to receive an item cloaked. Items will be returned to any person presenting this card.

5. Restricted Items

Umbrellas may be taken into the stadium, but may not be opened within the stadium.

Prams, strollers, pushers, soft eskies, bags and other belongings are permitted into the stadium however must be able to fit safely under the patron’s seat (either a single seat or within the group of seats of patrons attending the venue together) without impeding access.

A patron with a restricted item that does not comply with the entry conditions imposed will be required to cloak the item.

6. Alcohol

The stadium is a licensed venue and as such, the following provisions apply:

It is a condition of the liquor licence for these grounds that liquor cannot be brought onto the grounds. Persons other than the licensee, found bringing liquor on to the ground are liable for an on the spot fine or maximum fine for breaching the Liquor Act 1992. Intoxicated persons will be refused entry to/ejected from the stadium.

Liquor licensing regulations stipulate that alcohol must not be taken from the stadium. Bins are provided at exit gates to dispose of any unfinished alcoholic beverages.

It is an offence for minors to purchase or consume alcohol, or for a person to supply alcohol to a minor. Breaches of these laws may result in ejection from the stadium and the persons being reported to the Police (penalties apply under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998).

Alcohol must not be consumed in designated ‘Dry Zones’ within the stadium.

Alcohol must be returned to a vehicle or surrendered at the gate. Surrendered alcohol will not be returned to patrons.

7. Food & Beverage

Commercial brand take away food & beverage will not be allowed into the Stadium.

Patrons may bring homemade food items or special dietary requirements into the stadium provided they are packaged appropriately and the items can be easily viewed by security if requested.

All non alcoholic beverages purchased and then brought into the stadium must have an unbroken seal and must not be contained within a glass or can. Plastic or cardboard containers are the recommended forms of beverage containment. Tea and/or coffee held in a thermos will be permitted entry but will be subject to security check upon entry.

Prohibited food and beverage items must be returned to vehicles or surrendered at the gate. Surrendered food and beverage items will not be returned to patrons.

8. Smoking

Under the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act 1998 (Qld) smoking is prohibited in all areas of the stadium except in designated smoking only areas as signed. Patrons who smoke outside the designated smoking only areas but within the stadium grounds:

(a) Commit an offence against the Act, to which substantial penalties apply
(b) May be immediately ejected from the stadium

9. Ball Games / Use of Training Field

To ensure the safety of all patrons, the kicking of footballs and playing of other ball games is prohibited in all plaza areas.

When possible the Training Field is available for use by patrons for kicking footballs.

The Training Field may be closed at any time for any reason deemed necessary by GCFC.

Patrons enter the Training Field at their own risk. GCFC has no liability whatsoever for any injury suffered by a patron whilst using the Training Field.

Patrons under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Alcohol, glass in any form and smoking is prohibited on the Training Field.

10. Ejection from Stadium

A person may be liable for prosecution or a fine or may be ejected from the stadium where that person:

  • Uses foul or abusive language or makes racial, discriminatory or threatening remarks or gestures;
  • Is deemed by stadium management to be displaying offensive, disorderly, anti-social or unlawful behaviour;
  • Throws any object (including anywhere in the seating bowl and on to the playing field);
  • Enters the stadium or the playing area without proper authorisation; or
  • Fails to comply with these conditions of entry or a lawful request from stadium staff.

No ticket refund will be paid to any person who is ejected from the stadium.

It is an offence for a person to re-enter the stadium for a period of 24 hours after being ejected from the stadium.

11. Other Conditions of Entry

No representation is made that there is seating available within the stadium.

Field of play access is restricted to accredited personnel only. Penalties apply to unauthorised access.

Some areas of the stadium may be exposed to direct sunlight. Patrons are responsible for their own sun protection and hydration.

By entering the stadium patrons agree for their image, likeness or voice to be used as part of any recording of the event.

Patrons are advised that the stadium is fitted with electronic surveillance and patrons may be filmed in any area of the stadium, including internal parts of the stadium and some external areas upon entry to or exit from the stadium. The following applies:

  • CCTV surveillance will only be used for the purpose of patron, staff, and stadium asset safety and security.
  • Footage collected will not be viewed by or provided to any external body and remains the property of the Gold Coast Football Club except where required by law.
  • CCTV surveillance footage will not be held for longer than deemed necessary by GCFC management.

Use of cameras including mobile phones with camera interfacing is not permitted in the following specified public areas as applicable to this stadium:

  • Change Rooms
  • Toilets

Pass outs will be issued at the discretion of the stadium hirer or stadium management.

Patrons enter the stadium at their own risk. Gold Coast Football Club has no liability whatsoever for any damaged, lost or stolen property nor for any other loss, damage or injury suffered by any patron, whether in contract, tort or statutory liability to the full extent permitted by law.

The stadium Conditions of Entry may vary between events.