Where can I purchase PrePlay?

PrePlay can be purchased online when you purchase your ticket to any event at Metricon Stadium through Ticketmaster.

If I don't use all of my PrePlay at the event attended, can I use it at another event or at a later date?

PrePlay is only valid for the event that is listed on your ticket. You cannot transfer the value to another event.

How much PrePlay can I add to my ticket?

PrePlay can be purchased as $15, $30 and $50 tickets and customers can purchase as many tickets to any game as they like.

Where will I be able to use PrePlay in the Stadium?

PrePlay is accepted at all food and beverages outlets within Metricon Stadium that bear the PrePlay Accepted Here signage.

If I purchase something that is less than the total PrePlay value, will I receive the difference back in cash?

You will not receive cash back if your purchase is less than the value of PrePlay on your ticket. That credit will stay on the ticket and will be available for another purchase on that day only. Any remaining value not utilized will be forfeited.

Can I split payment for an item between PrePlay and cash or other payment methods?

Yes, you can pay for an item partially with your PrePlay ticket and partially with cash or another form of payment at any outlets that bear the PrePlay Accepted Here sign.

If I lose my ticket, can it be replaced?

Your PrePlay ticket is like cash and therefore should be treated as such.

Can my PrePlay ticket be topped up after its original purchase?

No, your PrePlay ticket will only carry the value that is originally chosen at its point of purchase. Additional value cannot be added after this point.